Int. Highlight event June 27-29. ASEM

Dear EANET IHE participant,

Within 4 days we will meet at the first International Highlight Event
at ASEM in Chisinau. I am looking forward to meet you there, work
together and have a good time.

With this email I would like to inform you about the latest details of
our event:

Attached you receive an updated program. Read it, especially when you
are one of the moderators / facilitators. A printed version will be
handed out at the event.
For Monday and Tuesday our program is rather full so we have to be
strict in timekeeping. You can help by the moderator and yourself by
being present in a room 5 minutes before the start of a program part.
About 90 – 100 people are expected during this event in total.
The temperature in Chisinau is expected to be about 30 degrees Celsius.

For the participants who travel by air plane:

This event is co-funded by the EU. To make our expenses eligible we
need to have a digital copy of your boarding passes. Give both
boarding passes after the trip to your EANET contact person. He / she
will send it for you to HvA.

Adjusted Program IHE

Responses Registration IHE